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Find all your favourite old sweet shop sweets here. Whether it's humbugs, bon bons, pear drops or aniseed balls we've got the selection here.
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Liquorice Torpedoes Liquorice Torpedoes are a tablet of liquorice coated in a thick hard candy coating.
Aniseed Balls  Aniseed Balls a traditional gobstopper type. sweet, they last for ages until you reach the tiny aniseed seed in the middle. If you like Aniseed, you'll love these.
Sherbet Lemons 100g A hard, lemon-flavoured boiled sweet that is filled with fizzy sweet powder. Albus Dumbledore was particularly fond of these!
Rhubarb and Custard  Fruity Rhubarb and Creamy Custard a classic combination of deliciousness
Barnetts Watermelon Mega Sours - Singles
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Large Pear Drops   A classic English boiled lolly.  They yellow and red unwrapped in shape of a pear and are a tasty pear flavoured bolied sweet
Apple Bon Bons 100g Delicious apple flavour chewy bonbons.
Sherbet Strawberries  Strawberry Flavour Sweets with a sherbet centre
Aniseed Twists  A red aniseed-flavoured boiled sweet.
Lemon Bon Bons  Traditional Lemon Bon Bons, with the classic, sugar dusted coating and the chewy toffee centre, they're full of fresh lemon flavour.
Barnetts Rhubarb Custard Mega Sour - Singles
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Barnetts Cherry Mega Sours- Singles
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Bassetts Super Bassetti Hard Liquorice Stick. Best traditional hard liquorice stick you can get!  20g  
Kola Cubes 100g Traditional cola flavoured cube boiled sweet with the softer centre
Army & Navy  A traditional boiled sweet, black in colour and flavoured with liquorice. They are often eaten in winter as their slightly medicinal flavour is similar to that of Cough Sweets.
Strawberries & Cream  Traditional boiled sweet, flavoured just like your favourite strawberries & Cream.
Pontefract Cakes  These round soft liquorice discs are packed full of flavour and made in Pontefract Yorkshire.
Humbugs (Old Fashioned)  Hard boiled Humbug with a mint flavour
Irn Bru Bon Bons Irn Bru fizzy drink flavoured bon bons.
Strawberry & Cream Bon Bons 100g & 50g
Bubblegum Bon Bon 100g
Vidal Giant Fizzy Red & Blue Raspberry Cables - Singles
Fruit Salad & Black Jack Chews 100g or 50g
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Rhubarb And Custard Bonbons 50g or 100g
American Hard Gums