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Yorkshire Tea Bags 80's 250g The experts from Taylors of Harrogate travel the world to find the people who grow the best teas, which they then blend together using a secret recipe to create a traditional, satisfying brew.
Tetley Original Tea Bags 80's Pack 250g Tetley have been providing the nation with tea since 1837 and have become one of Britain's favourite brews.
PG Tips Tea Bags 80's. 232g. A delicious, smooth cuppa. 100% biodegradable pyramid® bags. No wonder we’re Britain’s favourite.
Barry's Gold Blend Tea Bags 80's 250g
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Typhoo Original Tea Bags 80's Pack Typhoo is still one of Britain's favourite teas. 90 refreshing cups of Typhoo are drunk every second - that's 2.9 billion every year. Their team of expert tea buyers and blenders carefully select only the finest tea leaves to ensure great taste, quality and...
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Tetley Original 160's Tetley's delicious blend of tea makes a tasty, rich cuppa great for any time of the day.
Barry's Irish Breakfast Blend Tea bags 40's
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Yorkshire Original Loose Leaf Tea To give our blend its refreshing flavour, strength and colour we use top quality Assam and African teas. In the tea trade we’re renowned for paying more to get the pick of the crop. Our experts travel the world to find the people who grow...
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TyPhoo Decaf Tea Bags 80's 250g Typhoo uses a decaffeination process which gently removes most of the caffeine and is believed to give a better flavour of decaffeinated tea than some other methods (decaffeinated to 0.2%). Recent research has shown that the healthy antioxidants in tea are not removed during...
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Tetley Extra Strong Tea Bags  75 pack. 250g Tetley Extra Strong Tea is a delicious blend of specially selected teas. This extra strong tea offers a robust flavourful, with added Assam to create a bold and refreshing taste. Tetley uses only the finest, 100% certified teas. And with a beautiful...
Yorkshire Gold Tea Bags 40's Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea is a malty tea with a rich brown color. Blended from the fine teas of places like India, Sri Lanka and Africa, this tea is great for breakfast. Since it is a stronger tea, it is often enjoyed with...
Yorkshire Gold Loose Leaf Tea Yorkshire Gold Loose Tea makes a perfect cuppa every time! Simply add the leaves to a teapot, pour in boiling water and leave to brew for a few minutes. 250g
250g PG tips Loose Tea Original is simply the top two leaves and the bud, known as the tips, expertly blended for a cuppa that tastes great. Whether it?s a morning wake up or a bedtime brew, the taste of PG tips is sure to hit the spot when you...
PG Tips Decaf Tea Bags 35's Pack A delicious cuppa, just without the caffeine. Rich, fresh and rounded. 116g
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Sweetex tablets are the perfect option if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake and live a healthier lifestyle, but don't want to completely cut out all sweetness from your diet. Sweetex Sweeteners are ideal for diabetics: the sweetening ingredients in Sweetex are not recognised and broken down by...
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Tetley Decaf 40's For an excellent cup of tea every time, add Tetley Decaffeinated Tea Bags to the pot. If you are trying to steer clear of caffeine, these tasty teabags are an excellent choice. You’ll soon understand why Tetley is one of the nation’s favourite teas!
Twinings Assam Tea Bags 40's What does it taste like?A bold, satisfying, proper cup of tea with a full-bodied, lasting flavour.Where does it come from?There are only two places in the world where tea plants are natives. Assam in north-east India is one of them. Twinings have been sourcing tea from...
Twinings Cranberry & Raspberry Tea Bags 20's What does it taste like?The deep-red colour and zing of cranberries help to make this infusion crisp and refreshing, while the raspberry notes bring a touch of sweetness to this mouth-watering blend.Plump cranberries and velvety raspberries shine softly in the evening sunlight. This blend...
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Twinings Strawberry & Raspberry Tea Bags 20's 40g What does it taste like?A feel-good summer blend. A harmony of sweet strawberry notes and tangy raspberry aromas.How do I drink it?Using one bag per person, pour on boiling water and infuse for two to three minutes. Leave for a little longer...
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This is their finest blend. They choose teas from our three favourite origins – Assam, Kenya and Rwanda – and buy them from the top ten tea gardens in the world to make a rich, smooth and incredibly satisfying brew.
Twinings Mango & Strawberry Tea Bags Sometimes everything seems to whizz by so quickly, like being spun around on the dancefloor. Pause for a while and take a break, before continuing on to your own rhythm. What does it taste like?The familiar sweetness of strawberries dances with the exotic, rich...
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Scottish Blend Tea Bags 80's Scottish Blend Tea is specially blended to give you the fresh, clear taste you love. Made from some of the best teas available, it is a tea you will enjoy over, and over. Plus, Scottish Blend is fully Rainforest Alliance certified. 232g
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Twinings Echinacea & Raspberry Tea Bags 20's What does it taste like?Rich, earthy Echinacea root is paired with the flavour of juicy, plump raspberries in this deliciously tangy infusion. How do I drink it?Using one bag per person, pour on boiling water and infuse for two to three minutes. Leave...
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Twinings Fruit Tea Bags Selection Box 20's Four of our best fruity infusions in one fabulous box - perfect for a mid-afternoon treat. 5 x Cranberry & Raspberry - classic fruity5 x Mango & Strawberry - classic fruity5 x Blackcurrant & Blueberry - deliciously sweet5 x St Clements - orange and lemon flavoursEvery teabag is sealed in its own envelope...
Twinings Camomile & Spiced Apple Tea Bags 20's What does it taste like?This blend is a soothing flavour combination of delicate, floral camomile with sweet apple and just a touch of cinnamon. How do I drink it?Using one bag per person, pour on boiling water and infuse for two to...
Twinings Ceylon Tea Bags 50s What does it taste like?Crisp, rounded & refreshing.  It's a tea to really savour.Where does it come from?Sri Lanka, previously known as Ceylon, is often described as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.  The steep dramatic hills and brilliant sunshine provide spectacular scenery and make...
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Twinings Camomile & Honey Tea Bags 20's What does it taste like?Camomile flowers swaying in the light breeze are a magnet for busy bees in the summer months. With just a touch of gorgeously rich honey flavour and a hint of vanilla flavour.How do I drink it?Using one bag per...