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Flying Saucers 10 pack Always popular for party bags and at birthday parties, Flying Saucers are delicious sweets that are out of this world! A favourite because of their shape and flavour, they are made from rice paper, with a fizzy sherbet centre and shaped to resemble a UFO.
Refreshers are one of the best fizzy sweets!  The multicoloured, disk-shaped sweets fizz in your mouth, leaving a unique tongue tingling taste.  
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Candyland Black Jack Stickpack Enjoy a trip down memory lane back to your childhood with Candyland Black Jack Stick Pack, the iconic aniseed chewy sweets. Each packet contains individually wrapped aniseed chewy sweets, which are guaranteed to turn your tongue black! 36g
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Polo Mints Original 34g Originally introduced in 1948, they had no hole in the centre. Crazy right?  Luckily Rowntree addressed this in 1955, and the true Polo Mint was formed – today 20 million mints are produced daily!
Swizzels Giant Love Hearts Love Hearts were initially launched back in 1954. Since then they’ve been used to send romantic messages and been used for art, clothes, weddings and tonnes of other ideas.
Maynards Wine Gums were first launched by one Charles Gordon Maynard in 1909. Over a hundred years on, these mouth-watering gums remain one of the country’s best-loved sweets. This roll of Maynards wine gums contains a traditional selection of flavours including raspberry, orange, lemon, lime and blackcurrant. 52g
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Barratt Nougat Original is a traditional British confectionary delight comprising soft and chewy vanilla and raspberry nougat infused with tasty peanut pieces. This delicious bar of nougat is made with natural flavours and colours.
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Haribo Maoam Stripes Bag 140g
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$3.99 $4.49
Bassetts Liquoice Allsorts 160g Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts make liquorice fun. Each liquorice sweet is slightly different, whilst retaining that one all important ingredient. Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts come in a huge array of vibrant colours, shapes and sizes. They are perfect to snack on during the day, or presented in a...
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Fruitella Strawberry Single Roll 41g Fruit lovers inspired Fruittella to create delicious sweets made with fruit juice and natural flavours and colourings. We think Strawberries are seriously delicious, which is why our iconic Strawberry stick is bursting with real Strawberry fruit juice. Perfect to share and enjoy. Individually wrapped. Allergens...
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Swizzles Strawberry Refreshers
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Swizzels Giant Parma Violets 40g Parma Violets are have been an iconic British sweet for over 70 years, and their unique violet flavour has divided opinion for just as long.You don’t have to love them, but you do have to try them! Vegetarians, Vegans, Coeliacs
Polo Mints Spearmint 34g Polo Spearmint has a strong, distinctive spearmint taste with a dappled turquoise colour.
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Fruitella Blackcurrant Single Roll Fruit lovers inspired Fruittella to create delicious sweets made with fruit juice and natural flavours and colourings. Bold in flavour, we think Blackcurrants taste beautiful. So much so, we created a stick dedicated simply to them. Bursting with Fruit Juice, our Blackcurrant flavoured stick is perfect to...
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Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Bag 165g Maynards Wine Gums are one of Britain’s most recognisable sweets. First launched by Charles Gordon Maynard in 1909, these chewy treats come in a selection of flavours including strawberry, orange and blackcurrant. Wine gums were originally made using fermented wine - hence the name....
Maoam Pinballs Bag Ready to tantilise your taste buds? MAOAM Pinballs are all the great chewiness of MAOAM with a unique zingly tingly centre. What a tingly tasty treat! 140g
If you enjoy Maynard’s famous wine gums, you'll love Midget Gems. These small, chewy sweets come in a selection of fruity flavours – lime, pear, orange, blackcurrant, apricot and raspberry. 160g
$1.49 $2.29
Chewits Cola Flavour Single Rolls These chewy sweets are deliciously tangy and will leave your taste buds wanting more! 30g
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Melody Pop Lollypop Delicious strawberry flavoured Chupa Chup Whistle Lollipops. Makes a great whistling sound until you eat the pop! 18g
Walkers Liquorice Toffee 10 in a bag Enjoy the delicious combination of toffee and liquorice with Walkers Liquorice Toffee
Candyland Sherbet Fountain 25g Liquorice stick with a sherbet dip, a favourite classic sweet for all ages
Candyland Fruit Salad Stickpack 36g A classic in most British confectioners, the Fruit Salad Chew from Barratt is the taste of childhood for many Brits. With fruity raspberry and pineapple flavours.
From the creator of the Wine Gums, Maynards have invented a new version of the fruity chewy treat to celebrate Britain's sporting abilities. These delicious soft chewy fruit sweets have been given a sporty theme, and are made from natural colours. 165g
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Fox's Glacier Mints Bag 130g Fox's Glacier Mints are the all-natural, super cool, refreshing peppermints that are made with simple ingredients, the traditional way. Crafted with natural mint oils that have been boiled and cold-pressed, these delicious mints give your mouth an Arctic chill, and are sure to freshen your...
Rowntree Fruit Gums Roll 40G Rowntree's® Fruit Gums are epically fruity-tasting gummy sweets in five delicious flavours. From blackcurrant to strawberry, lemon to lime and mouth-watering orange, everyone will find their favourite flavour.
Vimto Chew Bar,  Drumstick Chew Bar, Maoam Chew Bar, Strawberry Refresher 
Swizzles Drumstick Lolly 12.5G Drumstick lollies have been enjoyed for 60 years. The distinct chewy texture and dual flavours have made Drumstick a firm favourite with sweet lovers for generations.
Polo Mints Sugar Free 34g Perfect for Polo lovers trying to cut down on their sugar intake. The classic Polo Mint was originally introduced back in the late 1940’s and during those early years of production they didn’t actually have a hole in the centre.  
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A much-loved confectionery classic, Rowntrees Fruit Gums were first introduced all the way back in 1893! These sweets now contain 25% fruit juice and are made using no artificial ingredients. This pack contains a selection of fruity flavours including strawberry, lime, blackcurrant, lemon and orange.  
Haribo Tangfastic Bag  140g Tangfastics are jelly and foam sweets that have an intensely zingy sour taste that many find irresistible. Included in each pack of these sweets are fruity cherrys, cola bottles, dummies and foam crocodiles. Best of all, they contain no artificial colours.  
$1.49 $2.29
Chewits Fruit Salad Flavour Single Rolls These chewy sweets are deliciously tangy and will leave your taste buds wanting more! 30g  
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Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles come in five flavours - Lemon (yellow), orange (orange), blackcurrant (purple), strawberry (red) and lime (green). With no artificial colours or flavours, these fruit pastilles contain 25% fruit juice.