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Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup 400g Heinz famous, much loved Cream of Tomato Soup is made to their own special recipe...packed with tomatoes to create a delicious soup that's bursting with flavour
  Heinz Classic Oxtail Soup 400g Heinz keep to their own special, trusted recipe and a blend of the finest ingredients to make sure Heinz Oxtail Soup remains a family favourite ...perfect with warm crusty bread...  
Heinz Classic Vegetable Soup Heinz keep to their own special, trusted recipe and a blend of the finest vegetables to make sure Heinz Vegetable Soup remains a family favourite ...perfect with warm crusty bread... 400g  
Heinz Classic Lentil Soup Heinz Lentil Soup is a thick hearty blend of red lentils, carrots and potatoes combined to make a delicious, filling soup...perfect with warm crusty bread. 400g
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Heinz Classic Scotch Broth Soup Heinz Scotch Broth is a rich soup created with a special selection of tender mutton, vegetables and pearl barley...a delicious hearty soup best enjoyed with a crusty brown roll... 400g  
Heinz Classic Cream of Mushroom Soup 400g Heinz keep to their own special, trusted recipe and a blend of the finest ingredients to make sure Heinz Mushroom Soup remains a family favourite ...perfect with warm crusty bread.  
Heinz Cream of Chicken Soup 400g Heinz Cream of Chicken soup is a long standing favourite made using our time honoured recipe ....garnish with parsley and serve with a fresh warm brown roll...  
Heinz Classic Potato & Leek Soup Heinz keep to their own special, trusted recipe and a blend of the finest ingredients to make sure Heinz Potato & Leek Soup remains a family favourite ...perfect with fresh crusty bread... 400g  
Heinz Mulligatawny Soup 400g Heinz Mulligatawny is a classic, spicy soup made from an exciting combination of beef, rice and curry spices, with a hint of mango chutney ...for an authentic touch serve with warm naan bread...  
Baxters Favourites Single Tin Pea & Ham Soup Baxters fantastically hearty Pea and Ham soup is made to a traditional recipe. This classic soup is a particular Baxter family favourite. Baxters love the colour and the texture of the split peas and the terrific smokey flavour from their hand-cured, smoked ham....
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Baxters Favourites Single Tin Highlanders Broth 400g You don’t have to be a Highlander to enjoy Highlanders Broth, all you need is a good appetite and a soup spoon at the ready. One of Baxters most traditional recipes dating right back to 1929, Highlanders Broth is packed full with specially...
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Baxters Favourites Single Tin Scotch Broth Soup. Ever popular, it was a founding recipe from the Baxter family and remains one of their personal favourites. More than a broth, this classic recipe is a real meal of a soup; beef, mutton, potatoes and barley combined to create a rich and...
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Baxters Chicken Broth Soup  400g The term ‘a hearty soup’ could almost have been invented to describe Baxters delicious Chicken Broth recipe. Satisfying and positively brimming with flavour, this unique soup is made from an abundance of tender chicken pieces, fresh vegetables, parsley and rice all blended together to make...
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Baxters Favourites Single Tin Lentil & Bacon Soup  400g Hearty and comforting, Baxters Lentil and Bacon soup recipe combines rich ham stock with red lentils, smoked bacon and diced vegetables. A soup for all seasons, but especially winter, this delightful recipe is a taste of traditional home cooking.  
Baxters Cream Of Mushroom Soup Baxters created and tasted over fifty different recipes to ensure we delivered a really tasty Cream of Mushroom soup. Made from fresh Scottish double cream, butter, finely chopped mushrooms and onions, it’s a classic everyday favourite! 400g
Baxters Favourites Single Tin Potato & Leek Soup This is a really comforting soup made with a mix of potato, leeks, carrots and onions. Baxters also add a dash of fresh Scottish double cream for a finishing touch. The result is a warming, hearty soup - like a hug in a...
Baxters Vegetarian Single Tin Spicy Parsnip Soup 400g In Baxters Spicy Parsnip soup they've created a harmonious mix of nine spices, which perfectly complements their tender parsnips. Baxters lightly blend them to a silky texture and enrich with fresh Scottish double cream. This lovely soup is terrifically tasty and aromatic and...
Baxters Favourites Single Tin Minestrone Soup Did you know that in Italian, Minestrone soup means the ‘big soup’, or the ‘soup with many ingredients’? Take Baxters own Minestrone soup recipe, it’s crammed with eleven different vegetables, haricot beans, pasta, garlic, oregano, parsley and basil all simmered together in an Italian...
Baxters Favourites Single Tin Cock A Leekie Soup Another Baxter family favourite - this traditional Scottish soup combines pieces of tender chicken and a mouth-watering stock with a selection of the very best leeks, carrots, onions and rice. A delicious taste of Scotland in a can. 400g  
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Nothing says 'home' like a deliciously warming bowlful of Heinz soup. With hearty pasta and a hefty helping of vegetables - this tantalising blend has proved itself a firm favourite with soup lovers everywhere.
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Baxters Favourites Single Tin Cream Of Tomato Soup 400g Baxters tasty tomatoes blend perfectly with fresh, Scottish double cream to create this firm family favourite. You haven’t tasted cream of tomato soup until you’ve tasted Baxters Cream of Tomato soup!
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Baxters Royal Game Soup 400g Baxters Royal Game soup was the first soup ever created by Ethel Baxter back in 1929. Combining venison and pheasant in one soup, Baxters Royal Game is a sumptuous and rich marriage of Highland red deer, breast of pheasant and carefully selected root vegetables -...
Baxters Cream of Chicken Soup 400g It’s so simple, delicious and warming you could say it’s the original comfort food. Baxters combine fresh Scottish double cream with succulent chicken, chicken stock and just the right amount of seasoning. Keep a can of it in your kitchen cupboard for when you...
Baxters Cream Of Asparagus Soup For this classic Luxury Cream of Asparagus Soup, Baxters has selected only the finest ingredients. Made with tender asparagus tips and rich Scottish double cream, this soup has a deliciously smooth texture and rich flavour. 400g  
Baxters Favourites Single Tin French Onion Soup 400g Baxters created a full-flavoured taste of Provence with this special recipe which contains masses of caramelised onions, sherry and cider vinegar. A French Onion soup recipe that’s absolutely parfait!  
Baxters Vegetarian Single Tin Carrot & Coriander Soup Baxters recipe for carrot and coriander soup is simply made, but also a little different. Carrots, onions and parsnips are quickly cooked in a vegetable bouillon to retain freshness of flavour. Chopped coriander leaf gives an aromatic flavour. Baxters then sweeten with a touch of honey...
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Baxters Vegetarian Single Tin Carrot & Butterbean Soup 400g Looking for a light but tasty lunch? The unique combination of carrot and butterbeans makes this wonderful soup recipe just a little bit different. Baxters take the finest butterbeans and Scottish carrots; blend together in a vegetable bouillon and season with...
Baxters Beef Consomme. Experience, care and the finest ingredients have helped Baxters to create a Beef Consomme with perfect clarity. Using time-honoured methods, Baxters create a delicious beef stock, season with a blend of spices and, for a truly enriched flavour, add a touch of cask-aged sherry. This wonderfully refined...
Baxters Vegetarian Single Tin Lentil & Vegetable Soup 400g Packed with vegetables and lentils in a tasty vegetable stock this delicious soup is low in fat and rich in protein, providing the basic building blocks of muscle and helps maintain your nutritional balance BBD May 2020 No returns / No refunds Clearance


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