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Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps 32.5g  
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Walkers Prawn Cocktail 32.5gms Best Before: March 21 Everybody loves a pack of crisps and Walkers Prawn Cocktail are a great alternative to the more traditional flavours. They have a light and tangy flavour which always keeps you reaching for another bag.
McVities Jaffa Cakes 10 Pack Light Sponge Cakes with Dark Crackly Chocolate and a Smashing Orangey Centre  
Walkers Pickled Onion Monster Munch 40g Best Before: April 21 Huge Chunks of Pickled Onion flavour baked corn snack
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Cadbury Wispa Bar 36g Delicious velvety textured Cadbury milk chocolate, packed with tiny bubbles of air.    
Tayto Cheese & Onion 35g Tasty Tayto Cheese and Onion flavour crisps from Ireland  
Terrys Dark Chocolate Orange 157g Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange is a unique British classic that is now seen all over the world. Each chocolate orange contains about 20 delicious segments of melt-in-your-mouth orange flavoured chocolate.  
Jacobs Twiglets 105 g Jacobs Twiglets are the quintessential British party snack. These famous wheat-based savoury nibbles are flavoured using yeast extract – giving them a delicious taste that is similar to Marmite. Jacobs Twiglets contain no artificial flavours or colours, and - as they are baked and not fried. Add...
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Walkers Quavers 20g  Best Before: Feb 21 Combining a classic mouth watering flavour with a delicious cheesy flavour – and not to mention a surprisingly low calorie count - Walkers Quavers are a great choice of crisp for kids and adults alike.
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Flying Saucers 10 pack Always popular for party bags and at birthday parties, Flying Saucers are delicious sweets that are out of this world! A favourite because of their shape and flavour, they are made from rice paper, with a fizzy sherbet centre and shaped to resemble a UFO.
Cadbury Wispa Gold Bar 48g Tonnes of delightful tiny chocolatey bubbles, layered with golden caramel and covered in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate  
Smiths Frazzles  23g Frazzles are a crispy bacon-flavour corn-based snack once manufactured by Smiths, now by Walkers.They are flat and look a bit like bacon rashers pieces
KP Original Hula Hoops 34g Best Before: Feb 21 Great tasting and fun to eat, Hula Hoops Original really are hard to beat when it comes to the world of savoury snacks. Appealing to both kids and adults alike, they never last long.  
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Galaxy Ripple Bar 33g The Galaxy Ripple is the perfect solution for Galaxy lovers in search of a lighter way to enjoy their favourite chocolate. This classy chocolate bar contains airy ripples of smooth Galaxy chocolate that are guaranteed to melt in the mouth.  
Cadbury Double Decker Bar 54.5g A contrasting combination of crispy cereal and soft, pillowy nougat, layered up and coated in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate, giving you two bars in one!  
34g Best Before: May 21 BBQ Beef Flavour Wheat & Potato Hoop Shaped Savoury Snacks.  
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Fry's Chocolate Cream 49g Frys Chocolate Creams have a delicious fondant cream centre that is subtly minty and melts in the mouth. This is all topped of with a layer of rich dark chocolate – the perfect combination.  
Walkers Worcester Sauce 32.5g Best Before: March 21 Let’s face it – Walkers are the masters when it comes to crisps, and these Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps have become a bit of a classic. Over the years, Walkers have experimented with many different varieties, and Worcester Sauce is one of...
Cadbury Fudge Bar 25.5g Soft fudge wrapped in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate.
Fry's Peppermint Cream 49g Dark chocolate with a peppermint fondant centre.
KP Cheese & Onion Hula Hoops 34g Best Before Feb 21 Cheese & Onion Flavour Wheat & Potato Hoop Shaped Savoury Snacks.  
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Nestle Lion Bar 50g Nestle Lion Bar is a much-loved chocolate bar comprising a satisfyingly chewy blend of caramel, wafer and nougat, all wrapped in a layer of smooth milk chocolate. 
KP Salt & Vinegar Hula Hoops 34g  Best Before: Feb 21 Salt & Vinegar Flavour Wheat & Potato Hoop Shaped Savoury Snacks.  
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Cadbury Curly Wurly Bar 26g A ladder of super chewy delicious caramel. Then wrap that in a layer of delectable Cadbury dairy milk chocolate.
Smiths Bacon Fries 24g. Best Before Feb 2021  
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Walkers Roast Beef Monster Munch 40g Best Before: March 21 Massive hunks of Roast Beef flavour baked corn snacks
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Walkers Smoky Bacon 32.5g Best Before: Feb 21 These smokey bacon crisps are absolutely packed full of flavour and hard to resist. If you need a little pick me up or a light snack to keep you going, Walkers Smokey Bacon flavoured crisps are the answer.
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Walkers Flaming Hot Monster Munch 40g   Mighty bites of Flaming Hot flavour baked corn snack
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Galaxy Milk Chocolate Block  Enjoy the smooth taste of Galaxy Milk chocolate 110g   Best Before: June 2020
Caramac Single Bars 30g Nestle Caramac is a light and sweet tasting bar made with condensed milk  
Walkers Squares Salt & Vinegar 27.5g Best Before: Feb 21 Another classic crisp from Walkers, Walkers Squares Salt & Vinegar combine delicious flavour with a crunchy texture. Great in lunchboxes, they also make an ideal party nibble.     
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Skips 17g KP Prawn Cocktail flavour Skips are a great buy if you love crisps but are after a lighter option.  They have a unique, light flavour which can be savoured as the crisps fizz and melt in your mouth.  
Nestle Yorkie Bar 46g Nestle solid milk chocolate bar.  
Nestle Rolo Single Roll 52g Rolos are delicious milk chocolate cups with a soft toffee centre.  
Chomp 23.5g Cadbury chomp bars are delicious caramel treats wrapped in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate.    
Jammie Dodgers 140g Two layers of delicious shortbread filled with fruity jam filling that can be admired through the heart-shaped hole on the top of the biscuit.
Walkers Salt & Vinegar 32.5g Best Before: March 21 A highly popular variety, salt and vinegar will earn many votes as the finest crisp flavour of all. Walkers crisps are made from 100% British potatoes, which means you are getting a top quality, home grown product. Potatoes thrive in rainy...
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