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Please note the Christmas goodies are arriving in 3 parts this year. Check the date on each product. If you order with any other in stock goods, the full order will not be shipped until the whole order is complete. If you wish to place multiple orders to get the goodies at different times thats fine! If your stuck give us a yell.
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$12.00 $14.99
McVities Jaffa Cakes Christmas Pole 488g  Light Sponge Cakes with Dark Crackly Chocolate and an Orange Jam Centre. BB Date: January 2020. No Returns or refunds  
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Terrys Chocolate Orange Milk Chocolate 157g Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange is a unique British classic that is now seen all over the world. Each chocolate orange contains about 20 delicious segments of melt-in-your-mouth orange flavoured chocolate.
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Nestle Little Rolo Gift Tube 100g Rolos are creamy milk chocolate cups, filled with a soft toffee centre.
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Nestle After Eights 300g Square pieces of dark chocolate, filled with refreshing mint fondant.
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Jacobs Mini Cheddars Caddy 260g
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Galaxy Minstrels Gift Tube 84g Galaxy Minstrels are milk chocolate buttons with a hard glazed shell 
Nestle Smarties Tube 150g Smarties are a colour-varied crispy sugar-coated round milk chocolate.
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Nestle Walnut Whip 6PK
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Twiglets Original Caddy 200G
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This large bag of Rowntrees Jelly Tots is perfect for sharing. First launched in 1967, these chewy and fruity miniature sweets remain hugely popular to this day. Containing 25% fruit juice and made using no artificial ingredients, this pack contains a selection of fruity flavours including strawberry, lime, blackcurrant, lemon...
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Galaxy Milk Chocolate BIG Block 360g Enjoy the smooth taste of Galaxy Milk chocolate.
Nestle Milkybar Buttons Gift Tube 100g Milkybar Buttons have great tasting creamy smooth white chocolate.
Bassetts Jelly Babies Gift Tub 495g  
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Nestle Smarties Penguin 21g The Smarties Little Chocolate Penquin is a hollow milk chocolate shell that is filled with mini Smarties inside.
 Jacobs Cheeselets Caddy 280g
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Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding 100g Enjoy this Classic Christmas Pudding by Matthew Walker.  This 100g gram pudding is made using 13 main ingredients to the same traditional recipe used for over 100 years.  
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CO OP Santa & Snowman Milk & White Chocolate Coins 80G
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Swizzles Matlow Parma Violet Tube 108G
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Maynard Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts Carton 400g
Toblerone Milk Chocolate 360g Smooth Milk chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat
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Terrys Chocolate Orange Mini Toffee Crunch Pouch 125g
$5.49 $5.99
Quality Street Match Maker Orange 120g BBE: Nov 19 No Returns or Refunds.
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Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Gift Tube 72g Best Before: March 2020 No Returns/Refunds.
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$3.50 $5.99
Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar 90g
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Nestle Milkybar Polar Bear 25g. Milkybar Polar bears have great tasting creamy smooth white chocolate.
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