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Cadbury Wispa Bar 36g Delicious velvety textured Cadbury milk chocolate, packed with tiny bubbles of air Best Before: 08.12.18 Clearance
$0.99 $1.49
Cadbury Fudge Bar 25.5g Soft fudge wrapped in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate   Best before date October 2018. No returns
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$5.00 $7.99
Terrys Dark Chocolate Orange 175g Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange is a unique British classic that is now seen all over the world. Each chocolate orange contains about 20 delicious segments of melt-in-your-mouth orange flavoured chocolate.
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Fry's Chocolate Cream 49g Frys Chocolate Creams have a delicious fondant cream centre that is subtly minty and melts in the mouth. This is all topped of with a layer of rich dark chocolate – the perfect combination.  
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$2.00 $2.50
Nestle Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit Bar 44g Chunky Nestle milk chocolate bar with raisins and biscuit. Best Before End : DEC 18 CLEARANCE No Refunds
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$2.00 $2.50
Nestle Lion Bar 50g Nestle Lion Bar is a much-loved chocolate bar comprising a satisfyingly chewy blend of caramel, wafer and nougat, all wrapped in a layer of smooth milk chocolate.   Best before: 02/19
Quick look
Cadbury Wispa Gold Bar 48g Tonnes of delightful tiny chocolatey bubbles, layered with golden caramel and covered in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate Best Before: 13.12.18 Clearance
Fry's Peppermint Cream 49gm Dark chocolate with a peppermint fondant centre.
Cadbury Double Decker Bar 54.5g A contrasting combination of crispy cereal and soft, pillowy nougat, layered up and coated in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate, giving you two bars in one!  
Cadbury Curly Wurly Bar 26g A ladder of super chewy delicious caramel. Then wrap that in a layer of delectable Cadbury dairy milk chocolate
Terrys Chocolate Orange Milk Chocolate 175g Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange is a unique British classic that is now seen all over the world. Each chocolate orange contains about 20 delicious segments of melt-in-your-mouth orange flavoured chocolate.
Nestle Toffee Crisp Bar 38g Nestle Toffee Crisp is a quintessentially British chocolate bar comprising a mouth-watering blend of puffed rice and toffee coated in Nestle’s signature milk chocolate.
Galaxy Milk Chocolate Block 114g Enjoy the smooth taste of Galaxy Milk chocolate
Caramac Single Bars 30g Nestle Caramac is a light and sweet tasting bar made with condensed milk
$4.99 $5.49
Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp Block 114g Smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate with crispy honeycomb pieces inside. Best before 11.11.18
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Galaxy Caramel Block 135g Galaxy Caramel Chocolate Bar is a delicious chocolate bar comprising Galaxy's trademark smooth milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre.
$1.00 $1.49
Chomp 23.5g Cadbury chomp bars are delicious caramel treats wrapped in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate Best Before Jan 2019  
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$2.00 $2.50
Cadbury Boost 48.5 g Boasting a smooth textured chocolate flavoured centre with crunchy biscuit pieces surrounded in flowing caramel, all covered in Cadbury’s world famous Cadbury milk chocolate Best Before: 27.10.18 CLEARANCE  No Returns / Refunds
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Daim Bar 28g Cadbury's deliciously creamy milk chocolate scattered with golden chunks of Daim.  
Nestle Rolo Single Roll 52g Rolos are delicious milk chocolate cups with a soft toffee centre.
$4.99 $5.49
Galaxy Cookie Crumble 114g The Galaxy Cookie Crumble Bar is in fact an inside out cookie, a luxurious Galaxy chocolate bar filled with crunchy chunks. Best best before date 12/18
Quick look
Cadbury Dairy Milk Block 95g We create our Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with glass and a Half of full-cream.
Quick look
Cadbury Twirl 43g Two fingers of indulgent chocolatey swirls, wrapped in smooth Cadbury dairy milk chocolate that melt in your mouth as the twirling ribbons unfold
Quick look
Galaxy Counters Bag 112g Pieces of smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate, lovingly created to melt in your mouth.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Chocolate Buttons Pouch 119g Deliciously simple and simply delicious!  Big button shaped bites of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate  
$3.99 $4.50
Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim Block 120g Deliciously creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, scattered with golden chunks of Daim Best Before : 10.01.19 CLEARANCE NO RETURNS
Quick look
Aero Mint Bubbles Pouch 113g Mint bubbles are uplifting little balls of mint flavoured bubbly chocolate
Quick look
Galaxy Ripple Bar 33g The Galaxy Ripple is the perfect solution for Galaxy lovers in search of a lighter way to enjoy their favourite chocolate. This classy chocolate bar contains airy ripples of smooth Galaxy chocolate that are guaranteed to melt in the mouth.
Nestle Smarties 38g Smarties are a colour-varied crispy sugar-coated chocolate confectionery.
Quick look
Topic Bar 47g Milk chocolate bar containing hazelnuts, nougat and caramel
Nestle After Eight Munchies 60g Square pieces of dark chocolate, filled with refreshing mint fondant.
Cadbury Bournville Dark Classic Block - 45g Cadbury brings you the smooth, fine and intense experience of Bournville dark chocolate with that distinctly chocolatey Bournville taste 
Quick look
Nestle Yorkie Bar 46g Nestle solid milk chocolate bar.
Cadbury Dinky Deckers Pouch 120g Squares of chewy nougat and crisp, crunchy cereal filling covered in irresistible Cadbury milk chocolate
Quick look
Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons 30g Little button shaped bites of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate, made with fresh milk - bags of tasty fun!
Nestle Munchies Roll 52g Munchies are milk chocolate covered sweets with a soft caramel and biscuit centre.
Galaxy Salted Caramel Block 135g Milk chocolate with a salted caramel filling.
$2.00 $2.50
Twix Bar 50g Twix is a biscuit made by Mars, consisting of a biscuit applied with other confectionery toppings and coatings. Twix are packaged with two bars in a wrapper. Best before: 04.11.18 Clearance
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Revels Treat Bag 71g Revels are a chocolate coated confectionery with assorted centres made by Mars. Centres include orange creme, raisins, coffee cream, milk choc, toffees and maltesers.
$1.50 $2.50
Kit Kat Milk Chocolate 41.5g Four crispy wafer fingers covered with milk chocolate. CLEARANCE best before 09.18 no returns 
Quick look
$1.00 $2.10
Cadburys TimeOut Wafer Bar 21g The TimeOut bar is a ripple of chocolate sitting between layers of wafer dunked in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate Best Before : 12 Jan 19 CLEARANCE No Returns / Refunds
Quick look
Walkers Liquorice Toffee Bag 150g Delicious Walkers Liquorice flavoured toffee
Cadbury Starbar 49g The Cadbury Starbar has a milk chocolate covering and is filled with caramel and crushed roasted peanuts
Animal Bar 19g These are the cutest little milk chocolate bars.  When you unwrap the chocolate bar it has two animal pictures on the bar and a little puzzle to do on the inside of the wrapper.  
Nestle Milkybar Giant Buttons Pouch 103g Milky Giant Buttons have great tasting creamy smooth white chocolate.
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Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles Pouch 115g  These tasty tiny treats deliver the popular combination of scrummy Cadbury Dairy Milk and classic Caramel, just in a bag full of friendly, nibble-sized pieces
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$3.00 $5.49
Nestle Milkybar Block 100g Deliciously milky and creamy, Milkybar is one of Britain's favourite white chocolate bars. best before August 2018   no returns 
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Cadbury Fudge Bites Pouch 120g Scrumptiously shareable little pieces of soft fudge wrapped in delicious smooth Cadbury milk chocolate
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